Our MIC’s

OurMICsEagles Edge Capital Corporation administers two MIC’s that allow shareholders to invest in a diversified pool of first and second mortgage loans in Western Canada using either registered or non-registered funds. These MICs are Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation and Net Wealth Inc.

Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation and Net Wealth Inc. are public corporations distributed through an Offering Memorandum filed annually with the provincial Securities Commissions in which our investors reside.

An investor purchases preferred shares at a cost of $1.00 per share. These shares are not listed or traded on any public exchange and can only be purchased and sold through Eagles Edge Capital Corporation.

The MIC has a Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and knowledge that collectively bring their expertise together to ensure that the MIC is professionally managed and that the best returns possible flow through to the investors with a minimum level of risk.

The dividends paid to our investors are calculated and paid quarterly. Unless otherwise instructed, your dividends will be reinvested back into the MIC and your interest earning will be compounded quarterly which means that you will receive interest on your dividends as well.